Laminated Glass Metal Mesh - Fashionable Visual Effect

Laminated glass metal mesh, also called laminated glass wire mesh, wire mesh laminated glass or laminated glass with fabric, is kind of wired glass. That is, the decorative wire mesh or architectural wire mesh is embedded inside of the unique glass. Traditionally, when the glass is in semi-molten state, compressing the glass and wire mesh through metal rollers and the laminated glass wire mesh will be formed. While, there also exists another way of making laminated glass metal mesh. Embedding the metal mesh into the glass panel, then sticking the glass panel by using the adhesive material and the laminated glass metal mesh will be formed. Generally, the adhesive material is PVB (polyvinyl butyl) or EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) which has excellent adhesive adhesive. Combined with glass panel's bright transparency and metal mesh's refined structure, glass laminated metal mesh brings elegant and noble atmosphere for modern constructions. And presently, it is widely used in western countries.

A piece of rectangular laminated glass metal mesh with unique weave inter-layer metal mesh.
LGMM-01: Laminated glass metal mesh with embedded unique weave metal mesh.
A piece of rectangular laminated glass metal mesh with stainless steel cable mesh inter-layer.
LGMM-02: Laminated glass metal mesh with embedded stainless steel cable mesh.
A piece of rectangular laminated glass metal mesh with copper cable mesh inter-layer.
LGMM-03: Laminated glass metal mesh with embedded copper cable mesh.
Laminated glass metal mesh with inter-layer woven wire mesh and smooth surface.
LGMM-04: Laminated glass metal mesh with embedded woven wire mesh.
A piece of rectangular laminated glass metal mesh with fine woven wire mesh inter-layer.
LGMM-05: Laminated glass metal mesh with embedded fine woven wire mesh.
A person is holding a laminated glass metal mesh. And the metal mesh with leaf picture is made of fine woven wire mesh.
LGMM-06: Laminated glass metal mesh can be produced with various kinds of wire mesh.


  • Inter-layer wire mesh material: stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum alloy, etc.
  • Glass type: common laminated glass, tempered laminated glass, coated laminated glass, low-e laminated glass, silkscreen laminated glass, bulletproof laminated glass, fireproof laminated glass, etc.
  • Whole thickness: 3 + 0.38 + 3 mm, 3 + 0.76 + 3 mm, 4 + 0.38 + 4 mm, 4 + 0.76 + 4 mm, 5 + 0.38 + 5 mm, 5 + 0.76 + 5 mm, 6 + 0.38 + 6 mm, 6 + 0.76 + 6 mm, 8 + 0.76 + 8 mm, 10 + 0.76 + 10 mm, etc.
  • Whole size: 300 × 300 mm, 1220 × 1830 mm, 1500 × 2000 mm, 1530 × 2520 mm, 1830×2440 mm, 2000 × 2500 mm, 2140 × 3300 mm, 2250 × 3600 mm, 2800 × 7000 mm, 3000 × 8000 mm, also can be customized.


  • Good safety performance. Compared with other glass, our laminated wire mesh has the performance of anti-theft, bullet-proof, anti-explosion and shatter-proof. Even if the glass is broken, the fragments will be still connected by the wire mesh and won’t fall down.
  • UV resistance. It intercepts 99% or more of incoming ultraviolet rays, protecting furniture and furnishings near windows from discoloration caused by exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Fire resistance. Laminated glass wire mesh is an ideal fire-proof material classed to grade A. Even wired glass broken in the fire, the fragments will still connect with each other by the wire mesh, and not fall down, which prevent fire spreading.
  • Energy saving. Laminated glass wire mesh can reduce the sun radiation, protect the energy from wasting. It can also save the electricity consumption of air conditioning
  • Sound insulation. the EVA film can produce the buffer action to the ultrasonic vibration of sound, reach the sound- proof result.
  • Artistic and practical function. Laminated glass wire mesh can increase the aesthetic appearance of construction.
  • More choices. We can provide laminated glass with different decorative wire mesh. At the same time, we can also provide decorative wire mesh for making laminated glass.
A piece of laminated glass metal mesh with yellow metallic fabric is on a metal support.
LGMM-07: Laminated glass metal mesh with embedded refined decorative wire mesh.
Six pieces of laminated glass with different architectural wire mesh are placed on the metal support.
LGMM-08: Different kinds of laminated glass wire mesh.
Lots of architectural wire mesh samples are shown on the wall. And beside the mesh, there is a metal fabric curtain.
LGMM-09: We not only produce laminated glass metal mesh but also produce decorative wire mesh for making laminated glass wire mesh.

Laminated glass wire mesh with bright transparency, high rigidity and attractive aesthetic appeal is widely used in interior and exterior decoration. With its versatility, unique texture, durability and flexibility, laminated glass metal mesh offers a modern and fashionable visual effect for modern constructions.

  • Function: table top, cabinet top, furniture decoration, window screen, door screen, sloped or overhead glazing, cladding, ceiling, sun screening, translucent canopies, space divider, curtain wall, etc.
  • Application area: residential homes, restaurant, national landmark buildings, opera theater, music hall, museums, prisons, office building, government buildings, jewelry stores, banks, airports, schools, hospitals, hotels, high-end place, etc.
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