Coil Drapery Features Aesthetic Appeal & Functionality

Architectural coil drapery, also called coil drapery, metal coil drapery or coil fabric, is a new decorative material which is made of spiral metal wire. Similar to architectural chain curtain and architectural ring mesh, we can also provide coil drapery with various colors to satisfy your requirements. With various color, light weight, architectural coil drapery is ideal for interior decoration as room dividers, window screen or fireplace screen. Under the light, the architectural coil drapery can provide your room with magnificent aesthetic effect. What's more, compared with architectural woven mesh, it is much more affordable and gives far greater design flexibility to meet your specific vision, functional requirements. Thus the architectural designers or customers can fully display their talents.

A piece of stainless steel architectural coil drapery.
ACD-01: Stainless steel architectural coil drapery.
A piece of aluminum architectural coil drapery.
ACD-02: Aluminum steel architectural coil drapery.
A piece of brass architectural coil drapery.
ACD-03: Brass architectural coil drapery.


  • Material: stainless steel, copper, aluminum, aluminum alloy, etc.
  • Wire diameter: 0.5 mm - 2.0 mm.
  • Aperture size: 3 mm – 20 mm.
  • Open area: 40% - 85%.
  • Finish: zinc coated, copper plated, metallic color spray, etc.
  • Color: original metallic color or spray into other colors.
A piece of architectural coil drapery with metallic color.
ACD-04: Architectural coil drapery with metallic color.
A piece of silver white architectural coil drapery.
ACD-05: Silver white architectural coil drapery.
A piece of copper color coil drapery.
ACD-06: Copper color architectural coil drapery.
A piece of gold color coil drapery.
ACD-07: Gold color architectural coil drapery.

Surface treatment

  • Lacquer coating. Lacquer coating is cheaper than other surface treatment.
  • Anodic oxidation. It is better processing and looks better than the lacquer coating. But it is only for the aluminum alloy wire.
  • Acid washing. it is suitable for the stainless steel wire. After washing from acid, the metal drapery is very light.

With versatility, variety of color, durability and flexibility, coil drapery provides a new decoration style for constructions. It offers a variety of color changes with light and gives people unlimited imagination.

  • Light diffusion and good ventilation.
  • UV resistant and flame resistant.
  • Beautiful appearance and various color.
  • Versatility and decorative effects.
  • Aesthetic appeal and functionality.
  • Finishes are beautiful and resilient.
  • Color never fading and paint never dropping.
  • Gorgeous and high-end.
  • Durability and flexibility.
A piece of silver white coil drapery with a metal coin in the middle.
ACD-08: The panting color of architectural coil drapery can be customized.
A piece of golden color coil drapery with a metal coin in the middle.
ACD-09: Golden color architectural coil drapery features aesthetic appeal.
Silver white coil drapery is used as window curtain.
ACD-10: Architectural coil drapery is flexibility and easy to use.
Coil drapery is used as room divider in restaurant under the lighting.
ACD-11: Architectural coil drapery used in restaurant as divider brings the feel of high-end and gorgeous.
A hanging architectural coil drapery is very beautiful under the light.
ACD-12: Architectural coil drapery as hanging curtain features light diffusion and good ventilation.


Beautiful, functional, and sophisticated architectural coil drapery is a long term sustainable solution for modern decoration. Designers and architects around the world prefer to use architectural coil drapery. Thus this kind of decorative mesh has a wide range of application.

  • Function: room dividers, ceiling decoration, wall decoration, door curtain, window screen, shower curtain, fireplace screen, light partitioning, shop exhibition stands, building facade, craft projects, natural blast protection, etc.
  • Application place: balcony, corridor, elevator, hotel, restaurant, office, building, specialty architecture, grand ballroom, museum, concert halls, dining hall, exhibition halls, shopping mall, airport access, theater, etc.
A white coil drapery used in car exhibition stand as decoration.
ACD-13: Coil fabric can be used in car exhibition stand.
The charcoal is burning, and coil drapery is used as fireplace screen.
ACD-14: Coil fabric can be used as fireplace metal screen.
Black coil drapery is used as window curtain and half is put away.
ACD-15: Coil fabric can be used as window curtain.
Beside the piano, there is a coil drapery as space divider.
ACD-16: Coil fabric can be used in concert hall.
A stainless steel coil drapery is used as living room space divider.
ACD-17: Coil fabric can be used in living room as space divider.
A copper color coil drapery used in bathroom as shower curtain.
ACD-18: Coil fabric can be used in bathroom as shower curtain.
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