Laminated Glass Metal Mesh

Laminated glass metal mesh, also called laminated glass wire mesh, is the combination of high strength glass and refined structure metal mesh.

Architectural Ring Mesh

Architectural ring mesh is composed of loops with different connecting types. With beautiful appearance, it is widely used in interior decoration.

Architectural Rope Mesh

Architectural rope mesh generally made of stainless steel, with good ventilation is increasingly used in outdoor decoration.

Architectural Cable Mesh

Architectural cable mesh, made of rope mesh and rod, features stable and firm structure used in exterior design as gorgeous high-end decorative mesh.

Architectural Coil Drapery

Architectural coil drapery, made of spiral wire mesh painted with different colors, features fabulous and affordable for interior decoration.

Architectural Chain Curtain

Architectural chain curtain made of connecting hooks with various colors can add imaginary and elegant atmosphere for your home or building.

Architectural Metallic Fabric

Architectural metallic fabric, made of flakes or beads, offers certain protection in addition to the good decorative effects.

Architectural Conveyor Belt

Architectural conveyor belt, made of spiral wire and rod features flexibility and durability. It is widely used in outdoor decoration.

Architectural Woven Mesh

Architectural woven mesh features variety of woven types and unique texture ideal for your indoor or outdoor decoration.

Architectural Perforated Mesh

Architectural perforated mesh with different hole patterns and variety of colors is widely used in exterior and interior decoration.

Architectural Expanded Mesh

Architectural expanded mesh, made of metal sheet through transverse cutting and stretching, features firm structure and active environment protection.