Decorative Wire Mesh Ideal for Architectural Design

General introduction of Boegger
Boegger Company is a professional manufacturer specialized in the production of architectural wire mesh and decorative wire mesh. With more and more advanced technology and product kinds, our products are trusted by overseas customers. Our decorative wire mesh includes architectural ring mesh, architectural ring mesh, architectural rope mesh, architectural cable mesh, architectural coil drapery, architectural metallic fabric, architectural conveyor belt, architectural woven mesh, architectural perforated mesh and architectural expanded mesh. As you can see, our company has so many decorative wire mesh for you to chose, and you are sure to find what you really want in our company. Do not hesitate any more and choose your favorite one.

Best quality products

With high quality raw material and advanced production process, you can rest assured about quality of our decorative wire mesh. And we promise our every decorative product through standard and strict inspection. At the same time, products with defects will never leave our company.

Raw material

We have excellent raw material supplier which has good and favorable reputation. The raw material they supply is inspected and through international quality test. High quality raw material is the first step of the best quality and we have won at the starting line. Therefore, believe us!

Production process

We have advanced production process which has reached the international level. The advanced production machine will fully use the raw material, therefore our products' price is competitive. At the same time, the advanced machine can precisely produces products for your specific requirements.

Four kinds of decorative wire mesh details: metallic fabric, ring mesh, cable mesh and woven wire mesh.

High efficiency team

Before sale
We have professional designers and analysts, and they will give customers professional products' advice from decorative wire mesh's material, wire diameter, surface treatment, open area, size to processing technology. Thus you can make the most favorable choices for your house, office or building decoration.

On sale
Our company has professional service team that waiting on line. The on-line service team workers all can speak English fluently and know about our decorative wire mesh very well. They can provide high quality service. So if you are interested in our decorative wire mesh, you can contact our on-line service team.

After sale
Excellent after-sale team will supply technical support and service. If you don't know how to install decorative wire mesh, you can contact us; If you don't know how to use, you can contact us; If you don't know how to maintain, you can also contact us. What's more important, if you are not happy with our decorative wire mesh showing in the website, please contact us as soon as possible. We will take it honestly and seriously and offer you a satisfactory solution very promptly. Our purpose is to give customer excellent decorative solutions to different situations. Therefore, you can choose our architectural wire mesh without any anxiety.